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How to protect your business during a dawn raid

Search and seizure operations, or dawn raids, are a powerful tool for investigators in criminal, regulatory, and civil cases. Disruptive, stressful, and intrusive – these unannounced visits can place considerable pressure on businesses and individuals. And whilst you have no power to stop or interfere with them, there are things you can do to protect yourself and your interests. Find out more.

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Buying a UK company: a brief guide for American lawyers and investors publication cover

Buying a UK company: a brief guide for American lawyers and investors

The aftermath of Brexit has led to an increased British interest in working with US counterparts, and many UK companies are currently undervalued, making them prime opportunities for well advised American investors. We’ve created this guide which should highlight and explain some of the distinctions between UK and US ways of investment.

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Your Legal Career, Your Choices

People are at the heart of everything we do. When you join HCR you will be taking the first step on your legal career path in a company of entrepreneurial, energetic and committed colleagues, who are as diverse as our clients. We make a difference – to clients, to each other and to our communities. Find out more in our careers brochure.

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The Importance of a Will

A will is the legal means by which you pass on your assets to those you wish to benefit on your death and for many, one of the most important steps you will take towards ensuring your family’s financial security into the future. Find out more.

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Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document enabling an adult with the requisite level of understanding (the Donor) to choose another person or persons (the Attorney or Attorneys) to make decisions on his behalf. Find out more.

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Guide to Land Transaction Return Forms SDLT1 and SDLT4

You are required by HMRC to complete a land transaction return in respect of the majority of land transactions. To assist you in understanding the land transaction return which you are required to approve and sign, the codes used in the forms are set out in this publication together with brief guidance on some other key points.

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Inheritance Tax and Tax Planning

In principle, the value of an individual’s estate on death (together with the value of any gifts made in the previous seven years) is subject to Inheritance Tax (“IHT”) at the rate of 40%. In practice, there are a number of exemptions and reliefs from IHT which mean that, by sensible planning, IHT payable on the value of assets at death and lifetime gifts can be greatly reduced. We can help with tax planning for both business and private clients. Find out more.

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The Fit and Proper Person Requirement for Charities

Managers of charities, e.g. a charity trustee or senior staff member must all be ‘fit and proper persons'. Find out more about what this means and how we can help you be compliant.

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Tax Efficient Giving to Charities

If you would like to maximise the benefit a charity receives from your donations and minimise the amount of tax you pay, you may like to consider giving in one of the ways outlined in this publication. We can help you navigate the options.

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Our Property Service for Charities

Property concerns for charities are different for each charity and different from those of businesses. We therefore have a specific property service for charities. We understand the charity sector and our service is designed to support you in achieving your objectives, so your charity continues to make a real impact. Find out more.

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