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A serious injury or accident can have an enormous impact on your life, causing disruption and upset, and leaving you to rethink your future. As one of the country’s leading claimant personal injury solicitors, we recover tens of millions of pounds’ worth of compensation each year and ensure that our clients get the support they need to rebuild their lives.

Advice where you need it most

Our specialist team of personal injury lawyers have handled all kinds of cases, and our compassionate approach gives our clients complete peace of mind. We make the claim process as quick and simple as possible for all our clients and recover the maximum amount of compensation owned.

We specialise in numerous areas of personal injury claims, including accidents at work or those involving children, brain injury, criminal injury, historic and sexual abuse, industrial disease, military claims, road accidents, serious and fatal injuries, and spinal injuries. However, if you think you have a case that sits outside of these areas, we’re more than happy to arrange a no-obligation meeting to determine if you have a claim.

How can we help you?

Leading in our field

Our personal injury lawyers are some of the most experienced in the UK, and as a result, we’re often called upon to deliver seminars and education courses on the experiences and after effects of catastrophic injury and medical accidents. We also regularly host presentations and conferences to inform the medical profession and other solicitors of the effects of negligence and injury.

However, we recognise that dealing with life-changing cases needs more than just professional skill – it needs real care and compassion for the people who have been affected, so we offer empathy and support to all of our clients. Your needs are our priority throughout our case, so we work on a no-win, no fee basis.

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