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6 July 2021

Spotlight on… Jenny Raymond

Tell us a little about yourself

I am a partner in the dispute resolution team and a board member of GFirst LEP, where I have also taken on the role of Growth Hub Champion. I am keen to ensure that Gloucestershire continues to grow and prosper and is an attractive place for young people to live and work.


What type of legal advice do you provide and to what sort of clients?

I specialise in resolving commercial disputes on behalf of clients, through negotiation, mediation or, in the last resort, in the courts. I act for a wide range of businesses and individuals on issues from director/shareholder disputes, or contract and negligence claims, claims arising from team moves and breaches of confidential information, data theft, and defamation.

Once I know the desired outcome, I aim to provide creative solutions, working out the best route to get there.


What’s your most memorable outcome for a client and why?

There is one case I will not easily forget, partly because of the case itself, and partly because it unexpectedly featured the Red Arrows.

In this case, we obtained an interim injunction and search order against a former MD of our client’s company.

The former MD had set up a competing business and was covertly working for customers of our client. She had also taken a large amount of confidential information from our client’s business, which could have destroyed the business if action was not taken.

She was ordered to hand over all electronic devices and stop breaching her post termination restrictions.

This involved turning up at her house on a Friday afternoon, unannounced, and asking her hand over her phone, laptop, iPad etc, which was subsequently used as evidence.

What made it particularly memorable was that, whilst we were stood on her driveway (on a very hot summer’s day), explaining that our client had obtained a court order against her, without her knowledge, the Red Arrows decided to do a fly past, which was not only distracting but also very noisy! We had to put on hold the steps we needed to take until the fly past had finished.

That said, it is always extremely satisfying and rewarding to obtain a good settlement or judgment, particularly when the dispute has been going on for a long time. The sense of justice and relief for the client is often immeasurable.


What is your number one tip for clients?

Try to keep as much documentary evidence as possible i.e. keep minutes of key meetings and phone calls and copies of emails/letters and agreements etc. It may be invaluable in proving your case.


How do you like spending your spare time?

I enjoy running and keeping fit, including long walks on the Cotswold Way with my family. I also enjoy watching Wales win at rugby!

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Jenny Raymond, Partner, Head of Banking and Financial Services Disputes

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