Dispute Resolution

When a dispute happens, it’s important to act quickly, understand what’s at stake and know what’s needed to get it resolved. Our team of litigation and dispute resolution solicitors will ensure you understand the issues you face and what risks are involved, and help you decide upon a strategy that will let you move forward. If we can, we’ll keep it out of court, but if it comes to that point, we’ll fight on your behalf to get the best possible outcome.

How much will it cost?

At the start, we’ll explain how our costs are calculated, explain the costs of litigation and talk you through various litigation funding options. We’ll never ambush you with an invoice, so we’ll agree costs where we can and then keep you informed throughout the process.

Do I have to go to trial and will I have to give evidence in court?

It depends on the case. A written witness statement will be prepared but you may be cross-examined by the opposing party. However, less than 5% of cases ever reach a trial, and only 1% for us last year. We actively explore alternative ways to resolve a dispute out of court.

Why should we settle for less when we could get more in court?

Litigation is uncertain and risky, and there is no guaranteed outcome to any hearing or trial. A witness may provide evidence different to that in a statement, and the judge may interpret documents differently to you, us and our barrister. A settlement is a compromise, but it will provide you with a resolution and the ability for you to move on.

Richard Morgan, Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution, Defence, Security and the Forces Sector & London Office

Dispute Resolution

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Our Experience

Our large team of dispute resolution solicitors handle a diverse range of issues every day, involving anything from modest sums of less than £5,000 to multi-million pound disputes. We don’t just think about the legal implications, but we consider the commercial impact on your business and make sure that whatever solution we develop is tailored to suit your business.

We’re experienced in alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration and adjudication, and 99% of our cases last year were settled out of court. Whether you’re making a claim and looking to recover property – including land, assets and confidential data – or defending against a claim, we actively seek out opportunities to resolve the issue as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Our Clients

Due to our commercial approach, we have a growing national reputation as a respected UK law firm and work with a wide range of organisations. We have dedicated teams for finance, real estate and commercial dispute resolution, but our experts handle cases across the board for businesses and individuals in numerous sectors:

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Dispute Resolution

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