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23 March 2023

Spray foam insulation: a warm solution now causing chilling concerns…

Spray foam insulation was a great solution to providing protection to your home from cold and drafts. However, recent studies have now found that, given the nature of the product, roof timbers in certain properties can be affected by condensation: moisture is unable to escape which, in turn, is causing issues with roof timbers and rafters weakening.

Lenders are now looking very closely at whether to lend against properties with spray foam installed. Valuers and surveyors are coming under increasing pressure to provide advice here and based on their findings, lenders will make the decision as to whether to lend or not.

Top tips if you’re selling:

  • Firstly, check if you have open cell or closed cell insulation.
  • If the company you used is still in business, call them to discuss the type of insulation and whether this is going to cause a problem with the structure of the roof.
  • Consider having the same removed before the property is placed on the market to avoid lengthy delays and costs with sale transactions.

Top tips if you’re purchasing with a mortgage:

  • Check with the estate agent to see whether the property has spray foam insulation before committing financially to the valuer’s report and get yourself a RICS-qualified surveyor to check it out!
  • Speak to your mortgage advisor to see if they can assist with a particular lender’s criteria regarding spray foam.

If you’re purchasing without a mortgage:

As above, check with your estate agent to see whether the property has spray foam insulation. Get yourself a decent RICS qualified surveyor to ensure that, when it comes to selling, you won’t have any difficulties if you have a buyer who requires a mortgage.

Further information on issues around spray foam insulation can be found here.

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Laura Upshall, Head of Residential (ACILEx), Thames Valley

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