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31 January 2023

The case of Quantum Advisory Ltd v Quantum Actuarial LLP

Head of Contentious IP and Partner Steve Murray recently won a case in the High Court involving trade marking.

The case, Quantum Advisory Ltd v Quantum Actuarial LLP, dealt with a number of issues which had arisen out of the same contract – in which the operation of a business was outsourced for a period of 99 years.

The client had entrusted their business to the LLP – and necessary action was taken to stop attempts to usurp the client’s brand. The court found that the Register of Trade Marks needed to be rectified to show the true and rightful owner of the marks featuring the brand.

Steve said: “The outcome here serves as a warning for distributors and franchisees who contemplate acquiring trade marks for brands they work with.”

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About the Author
Steven Murray, Partner, Head of IP and Technology Disputes

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