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Steven Murray

Partner, Head of IP and Technology Disputes Dispute Resolution

About me

I’m calm, confident and analytical – I’ll get to the crux of the issue and identify the commercial, legal and pragmatic solution.

When your intellectual property is being challenged, I’ll help you to protect your assets. As a litigator, I make sure my clients resolve their problems swiftly, ideally without court involvement. These include a range of intellectual property claims, including copyright and trade mark infringements and domain name disputes and issues with suppliers, or between directors and shareholders, among many others.

No matter the industry, I can help you to safeguard what’s yours, and I’ve worked with authors, entrepreneurs, tech start-ups, inventors, photographers, and directors and shareholders from all sorts of sectors. Throughout each case, I strive to maintain the balance so everyone can enjoy what they’re legitimately entitled to.

I know that you rarely work from just 9 to 5, so I’m on hand to help whenever you need me, getting the job done on time and cost efficiently.

Family business dispute

Steven Murray’s expert dispute resolution advice came to the aid of a small, long established family business based in Gloucestershire, when a dispute developed between directors which could not be resolved in house. The situation had been deteriorating over a period of about three years or more and was having a detrimental effect on the running of the business and the people within it. The company engaged HCR to deal with the ongoing dispute and to respond to the numerous spurious accusations targeted at the business and other directors. Our client said: “It was a tough time for the business, having to deal with this dispute in the middle of a pandemic, but with the assistance of Harrison Clark Rickerbys, it was a great relief that a resolution was eventually reached at mediation. Now the business can look forward to the future with a fresh start. “We found Steve Murray to be very professional and focused on the real issues of the dispute and not distracted by anything not relevant. Steve was able to appreciate and understand the many challenging issues that a family business has. “At times it was getting difficult for us to deal with all the bogus accusations, but each time I discussed anything with Steve over the phone, I always felt more positive, which was a great help. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Steve and his team for any dispute that cannot be easily resolved.”
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Dispute Resolution

We engaged Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ dispute resolution team to deal with a family situation that had become protracted over some five years and was at stalemate. We were initially impressed with the manner in which both Steven and Ian were quickly able to appreciate and understand the key commercial and family dynamic issues and turn this into a transparent and effective strategy. Throughout the whole process, Steven and Ian presented a professional and firmly assertive approach which resulted in a settlement being achieved in an excellently negotiated manner. Whilst commercial resolution was indeed the reason for us seeking the assistance of HCR, we were both extremely impressed by the personal integrity of both Steven and Ian throughout; being both able to weave commercial resolution with the larger interpersonal dynamics and “bigger picture” view. Throughout, we were always kept up to date with regard to costs and found everyone within HCR to be extremely personable, efficient and effective. As a result of their work, we are now able to move on with our lives and this is wholly down to Steven, Ian, and their professional team within Harrison Clark Rickerbys. We would have no hesitation, and indeed it is a great pleasure, in recommending HCR to any prospective client, as they provide an increasingly rare commodity - effective litigation combined with integrity, transparency, competitive fees and excellent client communication.
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Top Tips & FAQs

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Don’t panic! An unconsidered reaction could make the difference between a successful outcome and an uncomfortable one.

Be clear about what you want to achieve. There’s not much benefit in issuing proceedings against someone if you still want to maintain a commercial relationship with them.

Get it in writing. If it’s clear what each party wants and what the consequences are if those obligations aren’t met, then you’ll either avoid a dispute or make it easier for me to achieve your objectives if it comes to it.

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Do I need consent to contact someone who gave me a business card?

GDPR is a hot topic right now, so many clients are concerned about the potential implications. The answer is no, you can contact them via email with no issues unless you intend to put them on a mailing list they didn’t want to be on.

How much will it cost?

At the outset, there are usually too many unknown factors to give anything but an indication of the final costs, but I will give a budget for the initial steps and stick to it.

Am I going to win?

Once we have considered all the key points and evidence, we can form a practical view of the prospects and plan the way forward.

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