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16 June 2020

Welcoming back additional pupils where there is capacity

The latest announcement on Monday (15 June) allows some schools who have capacity to welcome more children back, in group sizes of no more than 15, before the summer holidays.

Primary/Prep Schools can welcome back additional children where:

  • They have already made provision for children of critical workers, vulnerable children and those in Reception, and Years 1 and 6.  Schools must ensure as many as those children are able to attend.
  • If they can accommodate more children, following guidance relating to protective measures and the school’s own risk assessment.
  • They do not require additional funding, staff or classrooms to do so; this has a caveat that schools are able to use other school sites if that is feasible.

Which years?

Where schools have capacity (and subject to the above), the school can choose which pupils to prioritise, based on their children and communities.  This may include Year 8.

Where schools invite back additional years, schools must consider how to communicate with parents who have already sent their children back to school.  Where children are not regularly in school, they may be invited in for a face-to-face meeting before the end of term.

Secondary Schools are able to welcome back children for face-to-face support for Years 10 and 12 (which was able to commence on 15 June) as well as provision for vulnerable children and children of critical workers. Secondary schools are also now able to invite pupils in other year groups in for a face-to-face meeting before the end of term where this would be beneficial.

Colleges and further education settings are already able to invite 16-19 learners who are in the first year of a two year programme from 15 June.  FE settings may invite others in for a face-to-face meeting before the end of term if it would be beneficial.

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