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Employment law is complex, diverse and ever-changing, so you need someone who can keep abreast of shifting legislation and guidance, and act accordingly.

I work with all employers but have extensive experience of supporting those in the education sector (including independent and maintained schools and academies), and have a real understanding of their challenges.

My experience has covered safer recruitment and dismissals as well as managing staff in post. As any employer knows, employment law covers everything from contracts to redundancies, with sickness absence, performance management, discrimination and misconduct in between.

My focus is on giving clear advice and recommendations both to tackle problems and promote better ways of working for the long term.

I support education sector organisations such as the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association, the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools and the Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools.

In my spare time, I enjoy exercising (particularly walking my dog) and have a keen interest in interior design.

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Always seek advice before dismissing an employee, even if the individual has less than two years’ service.

Be clear on which of your policies and procedures are contractual and non-contractual to avoid ambiguity.

Proactively address and manage concerns with an individual’s performance/sickness absence.

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