Business Leader panel debate: Is homeworking causing a productivity crisis?

26th February 2021


Almost 12 months since working changed forever, many businesses are still struggling to adapt to the demands and intricacies of hybrid and remote working. Leadership has long been an ever-evolving skill but the modern landscape is laden with even more treacherous peaks and valleys.

Michael Stokes took part in this Business Leader live debate which brought together a panel of business leaders and professionals to discuss how best you can manage your team and boost productivity in the modern era of work.

Issue debated include:

  • Managing your people remotely – are our managers equipped to do this effectively?
  • How do you successfully carry out mentoring/training and supervision whilst working remotely?
  • How will our workforce of tomorrow develop?
  • Finding and recruiting talent in a remote and blended working environment
  • Measuring and boosting productivity – both in the office and remotely. What role can technology play?
  • Staff rewards and incentivisation
  • Delivering training and education
  • Mental health and wellbeing

You can download our Future Workspaces report here.

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