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Michael Stokes, Partner, Head of Employment and Immigration Team

Employment and Immigration

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A bit about me

I chose to specialise in employment law because it’s all about people. No two cases are ever the same, and the clients I work for vary hugely from local authorities to large employers in the private sector, like British Airways and Arriva. I also help growing businesses and charities, as well as individual claimants looking for fair treatment from their employers.

If you have an employment issue, I think about what you may need in advance and will come up with solutions tailored to you and your circumstances. I’m very practical and experienced, as well as extremely approachable, reassuring and non-judgemental. It’s important to me that you know that I’m on your side.

I help people to make wise decisions that they can live with. Where I can, both inside and outside of work, I will help people gain skills so that they get the best out of both their working lives and personal lives.

Want to know more?

Ask for advice early and you’ll save time and money later on.

Don’t make all of your decisions before you seek advice! I could help you find a better solution.

Try to see what the other person is trying to achieve, then use that to try to agree a way forward.

Have you got a few minutes?

I’ve always got time for my clients, no matter what your query. Drop me an email or give me a call if you have a quick question, or we can set up a meeting if it turns out to be a bit more in-depth.

Can you help with this?

My team and I can almost certainly help! Let me know what the issue is and I’ll tell you what might be involved.

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Business Leader panel debate: Is homeworking causing a productivity crisis?

Almost 12 months since working changed forever, many businesses are still struggling to adapt to…

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Off camera: the invisible bias of remote working

The rapid roll-out of flexible working in response to Covid-19 has had many positive impacts.…

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Webinar: Essential updates for In-House lawyers

In-house lawyers have had to equip themselves to deal with unprecedented change brought about by…

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Covid-19 vaccinations – will employees get the point?

The rapid development of vaccines against Covid-19 is starting to raise queries about whether employers…

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Webinar: We need to talk about Brexit

Yes, we’re afraid we do need to talk about Brexit. Irrespective of the political landscape…

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The new Job Support Scheme – the basics

Yesterday the Chancellor announced a new Job Support Scheme. Read on to find out more.…

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Webinar: Managing a complex or large scale redundancy process

If your organisation is managing a complex or large scale redundancy process, this webinar will…

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Furlough from July 2020: 10 key points for employers

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) was first announced in March and it has never…

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Webinar: Ask the Employment Expert

In this episode of our Ask the Experts series Robert Capper, Covid-19 Lead, asks the…

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Webinar: Employment law during Covid-19

In this webinar broadcast Michael Stokes, partner and head of employment & immigration answers questions…

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The future of flexible home working after Covid-19

We are told many things will be temporary during the coronavirus pandemic, but one thing…

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Webinar: Returning to work after Covid-19

On 20th May participants joined our webinar on ‘Returning to work after Covid-19’, for practical…

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Life after lockdown guide for employers – returning to work

Here we answer your questions on how employers can prepare for a post lockdown return…

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What is furlough and how do we access it?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced on Friday March 20 that he is setting up…

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Is the refusal to accept that trans women are women a philosophical belief?

Use of the protection An Employment Tribunal held in Forstater v CGD that the claimant’s…

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Pay rises of between 2% and 5% for Welsh agricultural workers

Coming into force on 1 April 2019 are the new minimum pay levels for all…

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Supply chains hit by manufacturers’ exits

Decisions by major automotive manufacturers such as JLR, Ford and Honda to limit production in…

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How will your future workforce look?

Across the UK, employers are trying to plan ahead for their workforce; the disruption of…

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EU citizens’ rights post-Brexit: Update

With the Brexit deadline now only a year away, one of the biggest concerns for…

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King v Sash Windows – it’s not just employers who need a holiday

Some time ago we wondered in an article whether it could get any worse for…

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EAT confirms that pay for voluntary overtime does count towards Working Time Directive holiday pay

Since the EAT gave its judgment in BEAR Scotland in 2014, employers have clung to the hope…

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Do you employ any EU nationals in your business?

The government has finally shed some light for EU citizens who are living in the…

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Fee, fi, fo…Gone! Employment Tribunal Fees Bite the Dust

The Supreme Court has today made a decision in Unison’s long-running challenge to the Employment…

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Gender Pay Gap

Q. We have lots of staff on zero hours, flexible or self-employed contract arrangements. Do…

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The Brexit health and social care crisis

The ‘leave’ vote on 23 June 2016 has far ranging implications for UK businesses but…

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The implications of Brexit for employers and their migrant workers

The ‘leave’ vote on 23 June 2016 has far ranging implications for UK businesses but…

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When is a company liable for a director’s assault on an employee following the Christmas party?

The High court recently decided a case concerning vicarious liability of a company for the…

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High Court considers “constructive dismissal” in court claim

Leeds United, once a power in the footballing land, is now famous principally for generating…

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United’s u-turn – when can an employer retract a dismissal?

On Friday (31 January 2014) it was widely reported in the media that Championship side…

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Let It Snow?

So far this winter the weather has been fairly benign, but the experience of the…

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Is a Phased Return to Work a Reasonable Adjustment

The duty on employers to make reasonable adjustments for employees with a disability can very…

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