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Care funding restored for dementia patient thanks to healthcare expertise

14th April 2022

When a dementia patient’s care funding was withdrawn without consultation, his concerned wife contacted expert Tonina Ashby for support and advice.

After being in a residential care home for several years, her husband had been receiving continuing healthcare from the NHS due to the severity of his needs. After funding was withdrawn, Tonina’s client was concerned she might have to liquidate jointly owned assets to pay for her husband’s care.

Tonina worked closely with her client to discuss her husband’s needs. As a specialist in this area of law, she was able to help her client engage with the local NHS clinical commissioning group (CCG) to lodge an appeal. Months of correspondence with the CCG ensued, including a meeting to discuss the issues raised.

The CCG concluded that they had made an errorin the assessment of the client’s husband, and a large backdated payment for care fees was made. The client received the peace of mind that her husband was able to receive the care and funding he was entitled to.

Following the case, Tonina said: “Having a loved one who requires care is always a difficult and stressful experience. There is a lot of incorrect information about care funding and eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare in particular, and I would urge anyone in a similar position to seek professional advice about their case.

“Sadly, all too often we see that eligible individuals lose out as a result of not having sufficient representation or understanding of this process. I am pleased to have been able to achieve a successful outcome for my client, her husband and her family.”

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