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Tonina Ashby, Partner and Notary Public

Private Client

Direct Dial: 01604 463 167
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I help vulnerable and incapacitated clients, their families and carers by providing legal support when they need it most. I also help them navigate complex areas such as safeguarding, care funding and financial abuse.

My specialisms range from wills and probate to court of protection applications and issues surrounding mental capacity. I’ve worked with a range of clients of all ages and backgrounds, including people with dementia and those with learning difficulties.

I provide advice in a clear, easy to understand way. I raise awareness of legal issues around mental capacity and provide pro-bono talks and legal advice clinics to charities and organisations, including the Local Authority and the Police.

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Don’t believe everything you read on the internet! There are a lot of myths around care funding – it is always best to seek professional advice

Making a will or lasting power of attorney is not just for ‘older people’. These are important documents which provide you with choice control and clarity

Cheap isn’t always cheerful when it comes to wills. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is!

Can I transfer my house to my child to avoid paying for care?

The rules around this can be complex, but the short answer is this doesn’t work. You can transfer assets to your children as a gift, but this exposes you to a lot of risk and won’t protect you from care fees. Any transfers you make with the intention of avoiding fees could be seen as deliberate deprivation of assets – and you may be treated as though you never made the transfer.

I have dementia – can I make a will or power of attorney?

Yes. Having dementia does not necessarily prevent you from making legal documents such as these. It all depends on your ability to understand the information required.

What is deputyship?

It is the process for managing financial affairs (most commonly) for someone who can no longer make financial decisions themselves. A deputy acts like an attorney.

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