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Event organiser not at fault in insurance claim

17th December 2021

In 2021, Jonathan Edwards acted for an event management company through its Public Liability insurers, in connection with an insurance claim pursued by an individual who sustained significant injuries to her leg and shoulder during an obstacle race at Trent Park, London. The five-kilometre obstacle race required participants to use monkey bar rings as part of the course. The claimant argued that the defendants were liable for her injuries for failing to take care of her safety.

The defendants argued that the claimant’s injuries were a result of the inherent risks associated with outdoor pursuits and adventurous activity.

The High Court judgement, handed down in August 2021, concluded that the claimant’s injuries were not attributable to any fault on the part of the defendant.

Jonathan Edwards said: “The event organiser was able to demonstrate that the event had been very carefully planned and that effective health and safety procedures were in place and being implemented on the day.”


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