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Working closely with a range of clients including insurance companies, brokers, adjusters and corporates, I handle coverage issues, wordings and disputes, but also a wide range of complex claims. These can arise from employers’ and public liability policies as well as motor, construction, property, cyber liability, D&O and management liability policies.

My experience of preventing or mitigating the effect of a serious incident that would have significant financial and reputational impacts on a client’s business can be crucial. I also provide close support to clients faced with a potentially damaging inquiry, investigation, or prosecution, who need experienced and effective help immediately. I also provide support on insurance risk due diligence for colleagues and clients involved in merger and acquisitions.

Outside work, I am married to an Aussie and have three incredible daughters. I am an England Athletics Middle Distance Coach, hoping to discover the next Steve Cram or Laura Muir.

Forensic eye for detail

Angus Withington QC, Henderson Chambers, says: "Jonathan Edwards is a tremendous asset to have on your side. He combines a forensic eye for detail with astute tactical and practical advice derived from his many years of experience. His case analysis, judgment and ability to master complicated factual and technical details with ease mark him out as an outstanding lawyer. Jonathan is always approachable and calm in even the most highly pressurised situations and he adds real value to every case in which he is instructed."
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Strong technical advice

A senior technical insurance claims manager says, about Jonathan Edwards: “I have instructed Jonathan over many years, because he quickly grasps and focuses on the key issues of an assignment, provides strong technical advice and delivers excellent outcomes. I know he is very well regarded in the insurance market. Just as importantly, he has a really positive manner that puts clients at their complete ease. He is someone I would thoroughly recommend.”
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Technical insurance skills and in-depth knowledge

Jamie Lewis, Managing Director, Jensten Group Ltd says: “I have worked with Jonathan Edwards as my ‘go-to’ legal specialist for over two decades. His strong technical skills backed up by an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the insurance market make him unique and he adds genuine value off the back of this. He has a calm and friendly nature, always taking time to understand us as a business and I am truly grateful for the invaluable support he has provided me over the years.” Jonathan has supported Jamie with insurance policy wording reviews and dealing with insurance claims.
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At the top of his professional tree

James Leonard, Barrister, Outer Temple Chambers says:  “I have been instructed by Jonathan on a number of cases.....which have included prosecutions for corporate manslaughter (one of the first ever mounted under the new legislation) and a considerable number of very serious and high profile fatal accidents and serious injuries sustained in the work place. "In addition he has instructed me to defend drivers on fatal road traffic accident cases which again have included high profile cases of the utmost seriousness. "As someone who practices at the Bar almost exclusively in the area of health and safety and regulatory law … I can say that Jonathan has a well-deserved reputation for being at the top of his professional tree. He has a vast array of legal knowledge and also possesses considerable tactical and strategic acumen in relation to whether or not cases should be defended....”
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Avoid thinking “it can never happen to us”; in an uncertain and risky world, the likelihood of a significant event happening is higher than ever. Be prepared.

Identify the key risks to your business which would have the most serious impact if they were to arise. Be meticulous in your planning, training and testing.

If a major event occurs, don’t panic; think clearly and respond appropriately, above all “control the controllables!”

Read questions I’m frequently asked

You have been recommended to me as a solicitor with considerable experience in regulatory investigations and prosecutions. Would you be able to act on my behalf?
Yes, providing there are no conflicts with any other parties that may be involved.

The police and HSE are on site asking for us to provide documents and interview witnesses; what should we do?

Stay calm. Are you able to send me copies of the documents sought so I can review them and advise whether you need to disclose them? Can you put the lead investigator on the telephone so I may speak to him/her about the event and their requests?

How long is the investigation likely to take?
The reality is that a thorough investigation will be carried out to determine whether the event occurred through a material breach of regulation. This can be wide ranging and will take time, so be prepared. I will liaise closely with the regulatory body conducting the investigation to ensure that it is concluded as quickly as possible, with as little commercial and reputational impact on your business.

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