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Family lawyer provided “huge support” for client

1st March 2024

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Divorce can be difficult at the best of times – particularly if the other party is looking to contest proceedings. Alex Wilson, Partner and Head of Family Law in Wye Valley, was recently contacted by a client who wished to bring an end to her long marriage.

She and her husband were approaching retirement age, and Alex’s client wanted to find a way to separate their assets fairly in a way that protected her financial future – without going through expensive court proceedings. The assets included a jointly-owned family home, pensions and a trust.

Alex took a realistic, practical approach and was able to persuade the other party not to contest the divorce. Through negotiations, between solicitors, Alex was able to agree financial arrangements for her client and successfully argue that an interest in a trust shouldn’t be included for sharing.

A financial remedy order made by consent closed each party’s claims against the other, protecting Alex’s client’s future.

Following the successful, Alex’s client provided this testimonial:

“I just wanted to say a really big thank you for seeing me through the whole lengthy and tricky divorce process. You were always there to answer my questions and listen to my ranting!

“To have your consistency and steadiness was a huge support and I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you for what you do!”

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