Global Day of Parents 2023

1st June 2023

Since 2012, the United Nations Global Day of Parents has been celebrated every year on 1 June as a day for children to express their gratitude to their parents for all that they do for them.

What is Global Day of Parents?

The UN declared the day as one to recognise the vital role that parents have in providing sustenance, protection and the tools needed for positive development for all children around the world. However, it goes both ways, and the day also provides a time for parents to recognise that they have a primary responsibility towards their children and the importance of their roles in the development.

This year there is a particular focus on being conscious of yours and your family’s emotional and physical wellbeing. Being able to discuss this with family members and being there for one another through tough times is vital. The United Nations has declared Global Day of Parents 2023 a day to recognise this commitment.

What are parents’ roles in a family law context?

Global Day of Parents emphasises the importance of both parents playing an active role in their child’s life. This is also reflected in the notion of “parental responsibility” which all mothers and most fathers acquire upon the birth of a child in England and Wales.

This is particularly important for separated parents. Any major decisions, like schooling or relocation, must be made by both parents and agreed in writing. Parents also have to ensure that their child is supported financially.

How can you celebrate Global Day of Parents?

• Read more about Global Day of Parents. There is a lot of useful information on the United Nations website

• Spend time with your children and/or parents. Nowadays, schedules can get busy, so it is important to dedicate some time to celebrating our loved ones

• Support parents in need. Offer help, lend a listening ear, or provide practical support

• Exchange your thoughts on parenting with others. You may learn some useful tips, or even just hear some funny stories. Some of the best insights come from your own parents.

More information about Global Day of Parents can be found at the United Nations website here.

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