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In an ever-changing world, defence and security is at the forefront of operations. In order to stay secure having a stable supply chain is vital. Whether you’re trading nationally or internationally, knowing you’re protected is what matters most.

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Claire Holford

As a dual-qualified solicitor, I’m aware of the difficulties faced by those working in the defence and security sector across different jurisdictions. I provide legal advice for individuals and businesses facing contract disputes at home and abroad, and help navigate supply chain issues for defence and security professionals around the globe.

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A broad experience in advising defence sector SMEs

Whether you support organisations at home or abroad in manufacturing and technology, or secure frequently-used items for ration packs, we understand that the needs of defence and security firms are different to other businesses.

Our intuitive, responsive team is made up of members who have first-hand experience of the wide-ranging needs of the sector, offering practical and commercial solutions.

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Our defence and security clients

Our clients in the defence and security sector range from SMEs procuring goods and services for the armed forces to serving individuals, security companies and key players in the industry. Our relationships with those within the industry mean we’re uniquely placed to introduce you to business opportunities while understanding the needs of the sector.

We bring our clients and industry experts together at our annual security and defence expo, providing access to new markets. Find out more here here.

We also offer serving personnel discounts ranging from 5% to 15% on legal services for you and your business.

Discounts for military personnel

Support for the defence and security sector

Our comprehensive legal support covers everything from export licences and supply chain contracts to resettlement training and making sure your people have the right clearances.

Export licences

If you’re trading internationally, you’ll know that a diverse range of items are included on export control lists, even though they might not have a military application at first glance. We advise whether a licence is required and if the destination is subject to any embargoes or sanctions.

MoD contracts

We have significant experience in negotiating MoD contracts and the supply of goods and services to and by defence contractors. We’ll also advise on the specifics of any contract you’re considering entering into.

Supply chain contracts

Regardless of your place in it, the supply chain is fundamental to your business. Our experts will review any contractual provisions and explain them to you in plain English to ensure you’re aware of your obligations. Our support also covers due diligence to ensure your contracts contain provisions in case of a dispute – and if there is a dispute, we’ll make sure you take the right route to an effective resolution.

Establishing your business in the US

If you’re working with suppliers in the US or are looking to establish your business there, our team can help you make sure you plan effectively. With a business hub in Boston, we’ve worked with clients on US projects for decades. We can advise you where to set up geographically, carry out due diligence on potential suppliers and distributors, and work with our partner lawyers to draft and review contracts which may be subject to UK or US laws.

GDPR and data security

Our specialist tech lawyers have experience across the full gamut of data protection law, taking a hands-on approach to provide you with a better understanding of the data you hold and how best to manage it in line with your responsibilities.


From identifying key risks to protecting you and your business and defending claims made against you, our experts will guide you through policy wording and disputes, and can handle all types of claims from liability to medical malpractice.

Employment and HR

Your people are your business. In order to make sure things run effectively, our employment and HR specialists advise on all people matters – from TUPE and ensuring the right security clearances are given to the right people, to factors associated with employing people working in high-risk environments or overseas.

IP contracts

If you plan to enter new markets, you must consider how best to protect and enforce rights in each particular country. This can be difficult in some countries, requiring the adoption of an alternative strategy to the UK market. Our expert intellectual property lawyers will ensure you’re properly protected and help enforce your rights where needed.

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Hear what our clients say about us

Over a week now since my story with you has been finalised, and with that I would like to say how amazing you were. HCR are very lucky to have you.

Your professionalism was outstanding, your ability to recall vital information, and depth of knowledge to my case was exemplary.

I cannot speak highly enough of you, and of course your paralegal, Simona, who quietly also knew everything. Enormous thanks for getting me through my story.

Client Professional Negligence Dispute

Thank you for your highly flexible approach – fitting with our timeline can’t have been easy, especially considering you delivered such high-quality advice

Chris Paton MD of Quirk Solutions, and a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines

“It is reassuring to know that Harrison Clark Rickerbys have chosen to locate a regional office in Hereford. Octaga Security Services provide Security Solutions to a wide base of clients National and Internationally. On occasions we have had to deal with complex contracts involving International Law. HCR’s appointed experts have managed to successfully conclude and confirm our procedures will be safeguarded. They have the experience and in-depth  knowledge that enables us to concentrate on our business at hand leaving them to deal with the small print.”

David Allison (Msyl) Managing Director, Octaga Security Services Ltd

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