Government to review support for survivors of domestic abuse in the workplace

15th July 2020

“Domestic abuse may occur in the home, but its impact stretches into every aspect of survivors’ lives.” – Business Minister Paul Scully.

The government has recently announced that it will review what employment rights are in place to give survivors of domestic abuse the support they deserve within the workplace.

The review, launched by Business Minister Paul Scully, will consider how employers can help create a safe and supportive workplace culture for survivors of domestic abuse. The considerations include:

  • raising awareness of domestic abuse
  • providing an outlet for reporting abuse
  • providing the right policies and guidance for managers and staff to have the confidence and knowledge to support those who have been affected
  • helping survivors to rebuild their lives.

The government is inviting written evidence from stakeholders on the specific employment needs of domestic abuse survivors, and how they are met by current employment rights and practices, by 9 September 2020.

It will then contemplate a range of employment rights, including the availability of flexible working, unplanned leave for domestic abuse survivors and ways to improve the workplace. It will also consider, for sufferers of economic abuse, the option of making emergency salary payments for those in real financial hardship, or paying wages into a different bank account.

For more information, please follow this link. If you would like advice on this issue, please contact Rowena Kay or [email protected] or on 07815 160 175.

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