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The variety of legal issues around employment is always fascinating – I can be helping an SME handling their first flexible working request or helping a multinational corporation to hire a new Chief Executive – the key is to enable people to handle these situations confidently.

I work with a wide range of clients, often focusing on SMEs and the technology sector, helping them to understand the constantly changing legal landscape. I give them practical and commercial solutions – I know that business is a balancing act and I can help to maintain that balance by offering pragmatic options.

Outside work I love going camping with my family and we’ve just acquired an allotment; plenty of digging to do!

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Never pre-judge an outcome. Many employment law problems come from lack of process, rather than the problem itself.

Remember that email is not private, even if you mark it strictly private and confidential. If you end up in litigation, everything can become public. Be clear in your wording and never assume the employee you are emailing about will not see your email.

If in doubt, ring me!

Frequently Asked Questions

My employee is failing her probationary period, but she has just been signed off work with stress and anxiety. What should I do?

The interaction of employee health and performance/disciplinary processes is one of my most frequent enquiries. Employees whose health is impacting their working life have one of the broadest packages of workplace rights of any employee. I would always recommend calling me to talk through the details of the situation before taking any action.

Can I just fire this employee?

Employment law is a balancing act. In dismissals it is often a balance between cost and process. I understand that commercial considerations can overrule everything else if an employee is damaging your business, but I might have to warn you that lack of process will be expensive.

Our Sales Director has resigned to work at a competitor and I am worried she will poach clients. What should I do?

Hopefully you asked me for advice when she joined you and her contract contains a full package of protections. The time to think about an exit is before the employee joins. If your contract has been well drafted, you will have a range of options at your disposal, including placing her on ‘gardening leave’ during notice to allow you to build new client relationships, and contractual clauses restricting her ability to approach or deal with your clients for a period after leaving.

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