Harnessing blockchain’s potential

3rd February 2022

From early adoption of blockchain to supporting businesses increasingly realising its potential, Nicola McNeely contributed her expertise as keynote speaker at the opening event of the Challenge Fund backed by the Welsh Government.

The Challenge aims to demonstrate the potential of blockchain and fund innovative ideas to explore how blockchain could be used for economic, societal, and environmental benefit. The project should deliver small scale, fully funded R&D projects that will provide case studies to show how blockchain technology can meet cross-sector challenges. Up to six applications can be funded, with collaborative and innovative solutions sought – you can apply here.

Nicola went back to basics on blockchain for her session, from the structure of a distributed ledger to the formation of a chain. With plenty of examples of how the technology could support data storage and capture securely and immutably, she referred to her own passion for the process and the extent to which its is now central to her work. Watch here