Investing in Jordan: secure citizenship

31st October 2023

Jordan is renowned for its vibrant tourism and robust economic activities, and invites global investors to not only contribute to its economic development but also weave into its rich and diverse cultural fabric.

By offering a straightforward pathway to obtaining Jordanian citizenship through investment, Jordan assures a stable, reliable, and prosperous environment for investors and their families, adhering to its commitments as a dedicated member of the United Nations and a staunch adherent to its international agreements.

The country has strategically devised three distinct programs to acquire Jordanian citizenship, which are as follows:

Deposit and treasury bonds investment

It is possible to invest and reside in Jordan by:

  • Purchasing treasury bonds worth USD$1m for a six-year term, with an interest rate defined by the Central Bank of Jordan
  • Depositing USD$1m in the Central Bank of Jordan, kept without interest and untouched for three years
  • Residing in Jordan for a minimum of one month before the final recommendation for citizenship is signed.


The investor is required to deposit a non-interest-bearing amount of USD$1m in the Central Bank of Jordan, ensuring no withdrawal for a three-year period, and to purchase treasury bonds valued at USD$1m for a six-year duration, with an interest rate determined by the Central Bank of Jordan.

It’s imperative to note that the total investment value for the first program amounts to USD$2m.

Share or stake purchase in Jordanian companies

Investors can become a part of Jordan’s corporate landscape by:

  • Investing no less than USD$1.5m in shares or stakes in Jordanian companies
  • Maintaining these for a minimum of three years, safeguarded by a reservation sign from the Companies Control Department or the Securities Depository Centre.


  • The investor is required to purchase shares or stakes in Jordanian companies, amounting to no less than USD$1.5m
  • The purchased shares or stakes must be held and not transacted for a minimum duration of three years
  • The Companies Control Department or the Securities Depository Centre – as applicable – must place a reservation mark on the shares or stakes to prevent any transactions during this period.

The investor is granted Jordanian citizenship upon fulfilling the above conditions, ensuring a secure and beneficial investment both for the individual and the Jordanian companies involved.

Investing in Jordanian companies not only provides a robust investment platform but also aids in stabilising and enhancing the financial viability of the companies involved. This mutually beneficial arrangement ensures that the investor secures a stable investment while contributing to the economic stability and growth of Jordan.

Establishing and registering investment projects:

Investors can help to foster economic sectors by:

  • Initiating projects with a paid capital of at least USD$1m within the capital province Amman, or USD$750,000 outside it
  • Creating at least 20 genuine job opportunities for Jordanians within the capital province or 10 outside it, validated by the Social Security Corporation records
  • Granting the investor a period of four months to complete the required number of Jordanian employees upon actual operation
  • Providing the investor with a temporary Jordanian passport for three years, treating them as a Jordanian citizen except for political rights, and subsequently granting Jordanian citizenship, provided that the above conditions are adhered to for three years.

Family inclusion across all programs:

Investors in any of the above programs can also secure Jordanian citizenship for their families under the following conditions:

  • The investor’s spouse, unmarried daughters, widowed or divorced daughters living under his or her care, and sons under the age of 18 at the time of application, are also granted Jordanian citizenship
  • For investments exceeding USD$3m male children under 30 and their families are also eligible for citizenship.

A five-year residency through property investment:

In addition to the citizenship programs, Jordan offers a five-year residency program for investors who delve into the property market:

  • Investors are granted a five-year residency, regardless of their previous stay duration in Jordan, upon purchasing one or more properties with a total value of no less than JOD 200,000, as appraised by the Jordanian Department of Lands and Survey
  • The property or properties must be retained for a minimum of five years without any form of disposition or mortgage.

The above options allow an investor to embark on a journey where their investment not only contributes to the economic development of Jordan but also avails the benefits and privileges of Jordanian citizenship or residency, crafting a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

This article was authored by Abdullah Jaradat, Abdullah and Partners LLP. Nicolas Groffman, our head of International, leads this service for HCR and can be contacted by email.

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