In an increasingly connected world, business of all sizes can operate across borders like never before. However, this can involve myriad legal intricacies and complicated regulations due to the unique laws for each country. Whether you’re looking to expand outside of the UK, or you’re an international company that wants to do business in the UK, we help ambitious organisations forge a path free of issues and allow them to focus on what they’re good at.


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How much will you charge me?

It depends on the nature of your enquiry, but we are the most cost-effective firm for overseas work and we make it clear how much our expertise will cost from the outset.

We’re happy with the counter party we’re working with – can you just run a quick check to confirm they’re OK so we can tick the box for compliance purposes?

If you haven’t done these checks before you engaged them, then the chances are they are not OK. At this point, we’ll need to do some risk management work to make sure everything is above board.

How can I save tax on our group structure when I do business in China?

Tax avoidance shouldn’t be the primary concern at the outset. Focus on getting everything else right first – having a workable, secure commercial structure is very difficult if you have prioritised tax advice first.

Our Experience

From commercial agreements to navigating complicated employment and immigration law, we pride ourselves on having a practical, commercial approach. We handle a range of international issues for businesses, including cases involving real estate, insolvency, employment and staff migration, intellectual property, litigation and dispute resolution. We also work with private international individuals that have legal issues in the UK.  Established in 1796 (the same year that the Qing emperor Qianlong retired), we have a reputation for being open and honest about any potential risks involved and for helping you achieve an effective resolution.

Our team includes lawyers qualified to practice in multiple countries around the world, including Australia, the US, China, Canada, India. Several of our solicitors are members of the Insolvency Lawyers Association and the International Bar Association.

Our Clients

We’ve helped all sorts of companies to get established in the UK, from recruitment companies and publishing businesses to large international corporations and renowned sports brands. For organisations looking to expand their scope outside of the UK, we’ve assisted everyone from helmet manufacturers to the University of Gloucestershire.

In particular, we have considerable expertise in working with businesses across India and China, but handle cases worldwide. While we’re based in the UK, we have hubs in Boston, Shanghai, Mumbai, Amsterdam, and Osler and are happy to hold any initial meetings at those locations.

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