Looking ahead to 2020

3rd December 2019

Election, Brexit…

It’s tricky to write a piece about looking forward to next year when an election and Brexit are around the corner just as we go to print. Politically we’re in uncharted waters. For some, the newspapers and social media reports are enough to make them want to curl up in front of the fire and hibernate for a few months.

As lawyers, we are dependent on the individuals and businesses we support to have an appetite to do something, whether that’s selling their company, buying another, investing in a new building, taking on new employees, or launching a new product. Despite some media reports to the contrary, we’re still seeing high levels of confidence amongst the business leaders we work with, and many entrepreneurs who are determined to make the most of the opportunities on the horizon.

Confidence is the key

In our everyday lives, confidence is a key ingredient for success. And in business, it is no different. Believing in yourself, your business and your team are critical, especially in times of uncertainty. We’re keen to be by the side of ambitious individuals now and in the future.

In the South West, we continue to hear good-news stories. With plans for new business developments and housing, the region continues to attract new retailers and businesses. There is indeed much to be excited about. Our advice is to plan for change now so that when there is clarity on what lies ahead, you’re well prepared to move swiftly and take advantage of what comes.

We wish you a merry Christmas and prosperous and happy 2020.


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