When it comes to choosing the best advisers for your business, you need a team of corporate solicitors like ours that’s responsive, experienced and connected. We immerse ourselves in your world and get to know your organisation inside out so that during a merger, acquisition or sale, we won’t sit on the fence – we’ll give you a clear view of the risks and opportunities, and provide the advice you need to make each decision.

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How can I make sure this transaction will happen?

Pick your advisers carefully and trust them. Our team have a wealth of experience working with businesses of all sizes from a variety of sectors, so we’ve seen all kinds of transactions –we’ll use that experience to make sure everything goes to plan.

How long will it take?

It’s hard to say how long a transaction might take, but we are experts in organising the parties early, agreeing strong timelines, generating momentum and, most importantly, keeping the deal going.

How much will it cost?

Each brief is different, with a multitude of variables, but we’ll always be open and honest about the costs before we start to work with you.

Our Experience

Whether you’re progressing a merger or acquisition, selling your business or looking to raise funds, we’ve seen it all. As one of the largest corporate law teams in the West Midlands and South West, our partners specialise in a wide range of sectors, working with businesses of every kind. We’re not just corporate lawyers – we’re trusted advisers to our clients, and we’ve built up a vital support network for them that covers all aspects of their business by connecting them to funders and strategic opportunities.

Our Clients

From PLCs and healthcare organisations to family-run or owner-managed businesses, our experience extends across the board, and we’re proud to work with companies of all sizes. No matter where you are, we’ll do what it takes to seal the deal. We’ve even flown half way around the world and back in 48 hours to ensure a transaction was completed.

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Bringing together health care and corporate expertise, Louise Crook and Peter Raybould advised National Care Group (NCG)...

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Corporate Team

Swift efficient business sale brings communications firms together The shareholders of Hertfordshire-based PHA Communications Limited sought the...

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Rebecca Leask - Corporate

Corporate expertise brings Customade and Polyframe together Our corporate team, led by Rebecca Leask, acted for Customade...

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Support for private equity investment in dental sector Our health and social care team advised August Equity...

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Corporate - Arpinder Dhillon

Arpinder Dhillon acted for the shareholders of Molyslip Atlantic Limited (and United Oil Products) in the matter...

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