Managing risk – what you need to know about cyber insurance

1st December 2021

Cyber risk is increasing, with a recent government survey suggesting that over 60% of large companies and over 30% of small businesses have suffered a cyber-attack or data breach.

The shift to remote working since March 2020 also created a catalyst for cyber-attacks, and so the need for insurance is ever-more important. Without cover, your business could be vulnerable to potentially devastating financial losses caused by a raft of internet-based and IT infrastructure risks.

In this session, HCR’s Adam Finch is joined by Lindsey Nelson of CFC Underwriting, Camilla Walker of Canopius, Corinne Hammond of Axis Capital, and Simon Du Boulay of Lime Street Insurance Brokers, to discuss:

The importance of cyber insurance and type of coverage provided by cyber policies
What to expect when you buy cyber insurance
The type of claims made by people who have bought cyber insurance
What protection looks like for smaller UK SMEs and how they can prioritise cover
The upcoming trends in ransomware and how cyber insurance may evolve over the next couple of years
This webinar is part of our Cyber Conference series.

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