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When you’re facing a commercial dispute, it’s vital to seek advice from someone with considerable technical knowledge who can help you deal with complex and challenging situations. I get under the skin of your business, making a detailed analysis of the issues to address and manage the dispute effectively and gain a successful outcome.

I always strive to deliver on time and on budget, and as a result, often become a trusted adviser to my clients. I handle all nature of cases, acting for international and national clients with multi-million pound turnovers, and shareholders, directors and high net worth individuals with issues at a personal level. However, I’ve developed a strong reputation for cases involving misappropriation of monies and confidential information, acting quickly to recover these and successfully applying for injunctions on an urgent basis.

I’m passionate about helping others to progress – whether that’s helping the companies I work with to move past their disputes and start moving their business forward, or encouraging the members of my team to get ahead in their careers.

Given that I have worked in the industry, I have developed expertise in the financial services sector. In particular working with the FCA and advising clients on Handbook issues.

Legal 500 - Adam Finch and Jenny Raymond

Special mention to both Adam Finch and Jenny Raymond who are amazing to work with. They go above and beyond for their clients and do not shy away from offering good and bad news to clients as required.
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Chambers and Partners - Adam Finch

He's very practical and commercial as a litigator. He's all about the commerciality of finding solutions.
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Finance Group - Adam Finch

We approached Adam Finch, partner at Harrison Clark Rickerbys, who specialises in hedge funding claims, in order to help us seek compensation for the IRHPs that were mis-sold to us. During that time we were guided throughout the complicated process by Adam in order to put our case forward to the bank. During the months that we were involved in negotiations with the bank, we found Harrison Clark Rickerbys to be totally professional, thorough and supportive, ensuring that we were fully aware of the procedures and actions needed to be taken in support of our claim. Their advice was invaluable and as “non-sophisticated customers” felt that we were given every opportunity to fight our claim. We are extremely pleased that the outcome was successful and we were awarded the full claim amount plus compensation. Without Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ guidance and support, I do not feel that we may have necessarily achieved the same result. Mr Rigby
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It’s crucial to be open and honest about the issues involved so that I can provide the best advice for your situation.

It’s essential to speak to a solicitor as soon as possible when you have a dispute. this way, I can help you make an informed decision and get any paperwork in place to support it.

Taking a case to trial is costly, time consuming and stressful. Think about the other options available, rather than just going straight ahead to court.

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Where do we go from here? 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know what to do next in the wake of a dispute, but there are a few simple things that can help. After each meeting, it’s important to summarise the immediate next steps and make sure the party responsible for each step knows what they need to do. I’ll also provide a timescale for your resolution, which I’ll monitor on a regular basis and discuss with you if there are any changes to your case.

What are the costs involved?

I appreciate how important budgeting is to ensure you can afford and justify the cost of litigation, so I’ll provide an estimate for each stage – usually via a detailed Excel spreadsheet so you can keep track of it easily.

Will I go to trial?

Less than 5% of all cases we handle proceed to trial. Settling out of court can often lead to a similar outcome with much less stress, and I will sit down with you to prepare as robust a case as possible so that you get a successful result.

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