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When you’re facing a commercial dispute, it’s vital to seek advice from someone with considerable technical knowledge who can help you deal with complex and challenging situations. I get under the skin of your business, making a detailed analysis of the issues to address and manage the dispute effectively and gain a successful outcome.

I always strive to deliver on time and on budget, and as a result, often become a trusted adviser to my clients. I handle all nature of cases, acting for international and national clients with multi-million pound turnovers, and shareholders, directors and high net worth individuals with issues at a personal level. However, I’ve developed a strong reputation for cases involving misappropriation of monies and confidential information, acting quickly to recover these and successfully applying for injunctions on an urgent basis.

I’m passionate about helping others to progress – whether that’s helping the companies I work with to move past their disputes and start moving their business forward, or encouraging the members of my team to get ahead in their careers.

Given that I have worked in the industry, I have developed expertise in the financial services sector. In particular working with the FCA and advising clients on Handbook issues.

Want to know more?

It’s crucial to be open and honest about the issues involved so that I can provide the best advice for your situation.

It’s essential to speak to a solicitor as soon as possible when you have a dispute. this way, I can help you make an informed decision and get any paperwork in place to support it.

Taking a case to trial is costly, time consuming and stressful. Think about the other options available, rather than just going straight ahead to court.

Where do we go from here? 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know what to do next in the wake of a dispute, but there are a few simple things that can help. After each meeting, it’s important to summarise the immediate next steps and make sure the party responsible for each step knows what they need to do. I’ll also provide a timescale for your resolution, which I’ll monitor on a regular basis and discuss with you if there are any changes to your case.

What are the costs involved?

I appreciate how important budgeting is to ensure you can afford and justify the cost of litigation, so I’ll provide an estimate for each stage – usually via a detailed Excel spreadsheet so you can keep track of it easily.

Will I go to trial?

Less than 5% of all cases we handle proceed to trial. Settling out of court can often lead to a similar outcome with much less stress, and I will sit down with you to prepare as robust a case as possible so that you get a successful result.

Where I work

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Finance Group - Adam Finch

We approached Adam Finch, partner at Harrison Clark Rickerbys, who specialises in hedge funding claims, in order...

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Webinar: Transitioning from LIBOR - Get ready now

The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) is the world’s most widely used benchmark for short-term…

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Webinar: Business interruption insurance essentials for in-house lawyers

If your business has suffered losses or interruption as a result of Covid-19 you’ll be…

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Webinar: Insured or not insured? Recovering your Covid-19 business interruption losses

So many businesses have faced interruption and financial losses as a result of Covid-19 that…

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Business Interruption Insurance examined as FCA pursues test case

As the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) pursues a test case in the High Court, attempting…

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Webinar: Business interruption insurance during Covid-19

In this webinar broadcast Elizabeth Beatty and Adam Finch, partners in our Dispute Resolution team…

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原文链接:https://www.hcrlaw.com/blog/business-interruption-insurance-update/ 作者:Adam Finch,合伙人,争议解决 中文联系人:Connie Lu,实习律师,国际业务部   过去几周来各保险公司忙得真是不亦乐乎,由于英国政府和英国金融行为监管局(FCA)不断就与新冠疫情的理赔问题向他们施压,尤其是商业中断险的理赔。随着申请赔付的客户不断增多,FCA鼓励保险公司在处理理赔时要更加灵活,并表示要帮助他们更广泛和更有建设性的参与到理赔中来。 FCA目前正在向各保险公司征集信息、了解各公司政策的解读,以及客户在申请理赔时,保险公司是如何告知他们的保单是否正确地包含了商业中断险的。保险公司在回复上述问题时应该遵循FCA的以下建议: 保险公司应考虑其客户的需求,并应显示出他们在疫情期间会对客户、特别是那些在此特殊时期需要改变其日常经营方式的客户采取灵活的理赔处理方式。如果某些保险政策并不包括商业中断险,或者虽然包括但理赔时有限制,那么我们希望保险公司能清楚地向客户说明,并且在向新客户进行销售、期中变更或续签产品时也必须明确满足客户的此类需要; 在考虑变更保险政策时,保险公司必须同时考虑每个客户的实际情况和特别需求(要考虑到一切可能会有风险的情形)。保险公司必须能够说明他们遵守了我们的规则并且做到了公平公正地对待他们的客户;并且 FCA要求保险公司考虑他们的保险政策是否符合《2015消费者权利法案》所要求的公平和透明,是否做到了负责任地为客户的利益着想并公平地对待他们的客户(FCA规则6)。此外,与客户沟通保险政策时,是否做到了清楚、公平和不误导(FCA 规则7)。 灵活处理理赔申请的一个例子是英国劳合社(Lloyd’s of London),他们清楚表示他们将会接受在疫情期间或者传染病流行期间收到的所有理赔申请,并表示“我们会尽快处理所有有效地理赔申请”。希望能有更多的保险公司能像劳合社这样处理相关申请。…

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原文链接:https://www.hcrlaw.com/blog/how-will-the-covid-19-pandemic-affect-my-commercial-contracts/ 作者:Adam Finch,合伙人,争议解决 中文联系人:Connie Lu,实习律师,国际业务部   作为企业主,你可能已经开始采取行动来应对新冠疫情的影响,以备在形势继续恶化时可以尽可能地来保护自己的企业、员工和客户。如果你有可能因为受疫情影响而无法按期履行合同义务,或者与你签合同的另一方通知说他们因受疫情影响而无法如期交付,那么此时你就需要仔细地看看合同以了解你现在应该怎么应对。 如果你有一个已签署并且正在履行中的商业合同,那么你应该关注哪些内容呢? 与新冠疫情相关的不可抗力条款 需要注意不可抗力条款 不可抗力在有些国家的法律体系里是有特殊规定的,无论该条款是否被写入合同都会对合同产生效力。然而,英国法律不是这样。在英国法律下,无论是法条还是案例都没有对不可抗力进行定义,这意味着不可抗力并不会自动应用到合同上,换句话说,除非将不可抗力明确写进合同,否则合同不受不可抗力影响。 不可抗力在包含不可抗力的各个合同中又不一样。一般规定如果合同中含有不可抗力条款,那么就非常需要考虑以下内容: 对不可抗力给出的定义是否包括“流行”、“疾病”或其他类似表达(如果没有,那么除非定义使用了能够“囊括“一切内容的措辞,否则该条款就不会在当前情况下产生效力); 如果不可抗力事件发生了,你和合同另一方有什么责任和义务(比如:通知义务、降低损失等);并且 不可抗力事件的具体影响是什么,特别是影响合同终止与否的规定。…

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Business Interruption Insurance Update

The last few weeks have been a busy time for the insurance sector, which has…

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How will the Covid-19 pandemic affect my commercial contracts?

As a business owner, you’re already taking steps to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, prepare…

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Duties and Corporate Social Responsibility in relation to Covid-19

Every business has duties and responsibilities. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, these are…

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Will my insurance cover my business against Covid-19?

As a business owner, you’re probably looking at the insurance cover you have in place…

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What to do about Covid-19 if you’re a regulated business

As a business, you’ll be looking at all areas of your operations to see how…

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FCA proposes cryptocurrency sale ban to retail customers

Cryptocurrency has been seen as an emerging market in recent years, but we could be…

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Restrictive covenants and non-compete clauses – are they enforceable?

The first restrictive covenant case to reach the Supreme Court in more than 100 years,…

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Potential £14m liability avoided in crowd funding scheme

More than a year’s work came to a successful conclusion for Adam Finch and his…

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Fraud victims left vulnerable under banks’ new fraud refund code

A new voluntary code, which many high street banks have signed up to, is set…

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GDPR - one year on HCR helps businesses tackle data breaches

Delegates in London and Bristol have faced up to the reality of a data breach…

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Cheltenham lawyers win law firm of the year among four awards

Cheltenham lawyers at Harrison Clark Rickerbys celebrated winning four out of seven awards at the…

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The Financial Ombudsman Service – how far is its reach?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently proposed increasing the Financial Ombudsman Service’s (FOS) compensation…

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GDPR and data breaches – help is at hand for business leaders

As companies continue their GDPR journey, data breaches and how to deal with them are…

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Four new members in four months for Cheltenham lawyers' litigation team

Four new recruits have joined Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ expanding Cheltenham dispute resolution team in the…

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Your questions about Brexit

A year after the Brexit referendum, we asked South West businesses key questions about its…

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Shocks ahead for letting agents

On 1 November 2017, the Government introduced the draft Tenant Fees Bill, providing, amongst other…

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Ensure your ducks are in order:

In a recent decision, the Bankruptcy High Court has set aside a statutory demand against…

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Pension freedom scams and how to avoid them

The City of London Police’s recent figures indicates that losses from pension scams hit a…

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BANKERS BEWARE: The Libyan Investment Authority v Goldman Sachs International

Summary The Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) sought to argue that it was unduly influenced by…

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Considering Confidentiality

Confidentiality of data and information is critical to the financial services sector.  A recent High…

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£400m set aside by RBS for customers’ claims against Global Restructuring Group

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has announced that it has set aside a staggering £400m…

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Online banking fraud – how to avoid becoming a victim

Banking fraud is an ever-present and increasing threat to both individuals and companies. With fraudsters…

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GP commercial mortgages: The cost of change

Are you or a colleague considering retirement or leaving the Practice? What affect will this…

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Letters of intent and the duties of Project Managers

In a recent decision, the Technology & Construction Court ordered a project manager to pay…

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