Medical Accident Group and Acorns children’s hospice

16th March 2022

Because we at Medical Accident Group specialise in clinical negligence and catastrophic personal injury claims, we often act for children in the work that we do; they often have severe and life-limiting injuries. We are part of HCR, but our expertise is utterly focused on this work.

The claims that we bring on their behalf aim to ensure financial support so that their families can afford to buy much-needed equipment, care and accommodation for them. The families we work with often require huge amounts of support to get them through the legal process, and also to help with the practical issues of living with disability.

We work closely with a number of charities, particularly those that are well-placed to support our clients. This is why we identified Acorns, a local children’s hospice in Worcester, to support in the month of March. Two of our solicitors, Elizabeth Wickson and Fahmidah Ali, have gone above and beyond to raise funds for Acorns by walking across hot coals and by walking on glass. They have managed to raise over £1,000 so far, and money is still coming in.

Investigating and pursuing clinical negligence claims is extremely specialist work. Medical Accident Group has secured a legal aid franchise through partner Ally Taft, which demonstrates our expertise and ability to carry out high value and complex birth injury claims, as well as a wide variety of other clinical negligence and personal injury claims.

If legal aid is not available, we offer our clients ‘no win no fee’ agreements, to ensure they are protected from funding their claims. People are often worried about how they can afford to pursue a case and we can always provide reassurance.

The best advice we can give is to seek legal advice as soon as possible if you have suffered an injury following an accident or medical treatment, and an informal chat is often the best starting point for peace of mind and advice on what to do next.

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