Noise complaints resolved outside of court thanks to Real Estate Healthcare team

When a registered provider was receiving noise complaints from a tenant, they turned to HCR’s Real Estate Healthcare team for guidance and support. A pre-action protocol letter threatening legal action had already been received by the client’s tenant, who had been playing loud music and entertaining an excessive number of guests.

Mindful of our client’s objectives to support the vulnerable tenant’s independent living, and maintain good community relationships, we quickly took steps to resolve the dispute without formal legal action.

The team consulted with the client personnel who managed the tenant, and undertook some fact-finding. They also liaised with the local authority environmental health enforcement team to reach a mutually-satisfactory conclusion. This included putting a ‘direct line’ complaints process in place to ensure that the neighbour was confident they were not being ignored, with all issues being addressed by one employee. The client undertook additional educational work with the tenant and additional support measures were also put in place to support the tenant’s continued independent living.