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Northampton company guided through dismissal process thanks to employment knowhow

1st April 2022

When a serious complaint was made about an employee of a Northampton company, the company turned to HCR’s employment and immigration team for help. Nicholas Hall took the client’s HR team through the process step-by-step from start to finish to ensure the employee had no cause to complain they were treated unfairly or wrongly.

This included advising on the best way to hold the conversation around suspension and what to say. Nick and the team also advised on who should be appointed to carry out the investigation into the complaint, along with who needed to be interviewed and why.

The employment team provided advice on what to enclose within a letter to the employee when calling them to the hearing, as well as providing guidance during a secondary investigation and information to the chairperson on how to handle the hearing. An opinion was given on whether the proposed outcome was fair and reasonable.

When the employee was dismissed, Nick and the team provided the letter and advised on the contents. The dismissal was appealed, and again the team advised the company on the best course of action as well as advising the chair of the appeal through the procedure.

By guiding the HR team through each step of the process, the client had the comfort and peace of mind that they had followed the correct process, and their employee would not be able to make a complaint regarding unfair dismissal.

Following the outcome, Nick said “If this process had been mishandled it could have resulted in exposing our client to a very large sum in compensation for unfair dismissal alongside damages for wrongful dismissal. I‘m glad that our guidance helped to avoid that.”

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