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Employment and immigration is a fascinating and ever-developing area of law, surrounding people and what they get up to rather than dry legal principles. I like the mixture of contentious and non-contentious work and favour practical advice rather than the strict letter of the law.

With around 30 years’ experience, I’ve come across pretty much every employment scenario. This is my area of expertise and I’ll always take the time to understand a business and what they want to achieve.

I work predominantly for businesses, ranging from SMEs to listed PLCs. I take care of all their employment needs, including employment law, Employment Tribunal representation, employment support on mergers and acquisitions and all aspects of day-to-day employment law and practice advice.

Outside of work, I enjoy motorcycling, music (playing), and kayaking.

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Never write anything in an email you wouldn’t be happy for anyone else to read.

Be realistic.

Be compassionate towards and understanding with colleagues.

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It varies, an estimate is X, and we’ll keep you up to speed.

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We’ll take you through the costs to ensure you’re happy with them.

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Let’s talk it all through first.

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