Sport England announce £45m investment package to help clubs tackle extreme weather

24th June 2024

a photo of a neglected sport field

Sport England have recently announced a £45m investment package in order to support sports clubs which have been negatively impacted by extreme weather and climate change. The funding will be used to “help more people get active in nature, restore flooded sports pitches and help sports clubs become sustainable.”

Why is this announcement from Sport England so important?

This additional funding will undoubtedly come as a relief for sports clubs which, as much they are a home for athletes and fans, they often also play a vital role as community hubs. In our changing climate, sports clubs are at risk of being lost altogether.

The opportunity for sports clubs to continue to promote diversity and equality in a safe, inclusive space, welcoming people of different abilities, backgrounds and ages is something which cannot and never should be, underestimated.

Charitable causes

Charities and not-for-profit organisations often rely on sports clubs both at a local and national level for sponsorship and funding opportunities. They often seek to achieve joint goals and collaborate with local stakeholders.

Sports clubs are also a way of increasing inclusivity and accessibility. Similarly, local clubs provide a springboard for charities to engage with local communities, particularly where they are placed in disadvantaged communities, enabling them to accomplish their outreach goals.

Extra funding to protect access to sports clubs will mean that these charitable endeavours can continue in the places where they are often most needed and valued by participants, supporters and grass root communities alike.

Grass roots communities

Sport England’s funding will have a huge impact on the grass root communities who not only use their local clubs as places for physical activity, but also leisure activities and a community hub.

Towns and villages in particular rely on local sports clubs as a central hub for sporting occasions and are often seen as a place where people can come together for social events. Clubs provide opportunities for young people to develop their skills through mentoring programmes; something which could be lost without this funding.


Schools benefit hugely from partnerships with local sports clubs. The physical wellbeing of our children is a key part of our national curriculum and something which, in my opinion, needs to be a continued focus for schools and those in charge of building our children’s curriculum.

Decisions made at this level will play an ever increasing role in shaping the future of our children’s physical and mental health and in no small part, the investment package by Sport England will go a significant way in ensuring that schools can have access to the space, coaching and equipment that they require to teach our children the life lessons that sport can provide.

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