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If you are looking to structure your estate to protect assets for your chosen beneficiaries, I can advise you on the most tax efficient way to do it. I will help you to create a will, lifetime trusts, family investment company and other structures to assist with your estate planning. I will work closely with your other professional advisers, such as IFAs and accountants, to ensure a cohesive approach to your planning.

I work with all kinds of people across England and Wales, from elderly clients to directors of multimillion-pound businesses, to ensure their estate is structured in a tax efficient and ethical manner. Whether they need my legal expertise or a compassionate ear, I’m always on the other end of the phone with clear, straightforward advice.

Out of the office, I’m passionate about sport – in particular, I enjoy golf and Rugby Union.

I am an affiliate member of STEP and a member of Solicitors for the Elderly.

I’m also ranked in Chambers High Net Worth as a “notable practitioner who demonstrates a wide knowledge and experience who is able to explain both technical and practical matters to clients very clearly and comprehensively.” In addition, I’m described as being “very efficient, diligent, professional and supportive.”

I also head the firm’s Wills at Work offering. For more information, please click here.

Legal 500 - David King

David King displays excellent technical ability when involved in complex estate planning matters.
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Professional advice and support throughout a complex issue

David King recently provided expert trust advice for his client; it was not a straightforward matter, but the trustee had this to say afterwards: “Thank you for everything you have done in order to finalise the matter that has taken me years. It was a great day when I found you and Harrison Clark Rickerbys; it has been a genuine pleasure working with you and all your colleagues. “There is no question that if I, or anyone that I know, need any legal assistance, Harrison Clark Rickerbys would be the first and only place to turn to. I thank you once again for everything.”
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Don’t put it off – I know it’s not everyone’s favourite topic, but it’s better to make decisions about your future and your estate as soon as possible.

There’s nothing worse than contemplating your own mortality but in my experience, it helps to have the conversation about what you want to happen when you go with your loved ones while you still can.

Making a will is vital, and proper advice can help protect your estate for future generations.

Protecting your loved ones by making a will is probably the most important thing you will ever do.

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How do I stop the tax man getting my money?

There’s no simple answer to this one, as everyone’s situation is different. Careful planning can reduce the impact of inheritance tax, and I’m someone who can put a tax efficient solution in place.

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