Spotlight on… Robert Capper

2nd August 2023

This month we shine a spotlight on Robert Capper, Head of Commercial and Deputy Relationship Partner for Homes England.

1. What type of legal advice do you provide?

I provide commercial legal advice and head up the commercial team. I am always available for my clients, providing round-the-clock accessibility as their go-to person for any legal matters, not limited to commercial ones. This aligns with my position as Deputy Relationship Partner for Homes England. Clients approach me with a diverse range of legal concerns, and I direct them to the appropriate experts within HCR to ensure a swift and professional resolution. Regardless of the area of law, I am the trusted advisor, confidante, and often, the closest ally, my clients rely on to navigate their legal challenges.

2. Why did you choose your specialism?

My specialism allows me to build on-going relationships with my clients and their businesses. I enjoy getting to know their businesses and the legal challenges they face so that I can make a real, tangible difference for the businesses I work with.

3. What type of work does your team do that is relevant to Homes England? Or have you been involved in any Homes England projects?

My role within the commercial team can provide commercial contracts for Homes England projects. This would cover supply chain, procurement, data confidentiality and anything relating to partnerships.

4. What was your most memorable outcome for a client? And why?

Completing a significant long-term supply contract for a much-loved well known business. My team played a pivotal role in securing the client’s financial future while safeguarding the business and preserving the livelihoods of thousands of employees. The satisfaction derived from making such a positive impact on both the client’s financial stability and the jobs of numerous employees was rewarding.

5. How have you supported your local community?

I consider myself fortunate to work and live in a community where I can support numerous local businesses. I find it fulfilling to help them with their growth and development, offering valuable advice to overcome the challenges they face on their journey. Plus, I make a conscious effort to shop locally and show support to independent businesses whenever possible.

6. Why do you think a commitment to helping the planet is important? And can you give any examples where you have made a change to help the planet?

As a commercial lawyer I provide day-to-day advice to many companies striving to enhance their businesses on a net zero basis. This includes guiding them on waste agreements, energy-efficient agreements, electric car schemes, and other net zero-related matters. We assist clients whose business deals with goods and services aligned with net zero objectives. For instance, we recently represented an electric vehicle-exclusive car manufacturer, working on a line of electric cars that are modern versions of popular predecessors. We also advise clients who are looking to improve systems and procedures to make them more net zero compatible.

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