The threat from within – insider threats and commercial espionage

1st December 2021

they are even more devastating when the attack is made by an employee, which is more common than you may think.Data breaches are often accidental, but they can be deliberate; knowing the risks any business faces from employees is vital. In this session, Robert Capper of HCR is joined by senior directors of global firm FTI Consulting to discuss the practical steps that businesses – large or small – should take when mitigating the risks on internal data breaches, especially in the world of hybrid working.

In this session, they cover:

  • The current trends in insider threats
  • Stories from the field – examples of insider threats
  • The differences between insider vs. external threats and what companies can do when they are hit
  • Why your employees may be driven to steal company data
  • The steps to take to protect your business from your staff
  • Managing insider threats without violating privacy
  • The lessons learned and how companies can proactively mitigate the risk
  • This webinar is part of our Cyber Conference series.

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