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Two dozen settlement agreements in one day for Employment and Immigration Partner

15th February 2024

When 24 employees agreed in principle to signing a settlement agreement prior to their workplace closing down, they turned to Employment and Immigration Partner Ben Stanton for guidance. The settlements needed to be resolved quickly and amicably as there was only a short period of time left for the employees before they left their workplace.

Ben travelled to the employees and went through the agreements with them in four group meetings, offering the option for a further discussion in private with individuals if it was required. Holding group meetings in this way meant that every employee knew they had received the same information as their peers, and allowed them to consider answers to questions they may not have thought to ask had the discussions been held individually.

Ben identified issues and requested the amendments the employees wanted. These amendments were agreed onsite, which meant that Ben could have them ready to be signed and sent to the employer the same day. This led to the employees being paid on the date which was agreed from the outset.

Following the case, Ben said: “This was a very interesting case – 24 settlement agreements in one day was quite an undertaking, but I’m very pleased I was able to help the employees of this company reach an agreeable settlement with their employers.”

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