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As an employment lawyer, dealing with issues for both employers and employees allows me to consider both sides of the argument. My specialisms include post-termination restrictions, advising employees on their rights under UK employment law, negotiating settlement agreements, and much more.

I work closely with my clients’ HR departments, providing clear and timely advice from beginning to end. I like to take time to get to know my clients’ businesses as well as them as individuals.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Be reasonable – whether employer or employee, it is important to maintain a sense of objectivity and to avoid making decisions based on emotion

Don’t delay in contacting us for advice – getting assistance at the very beginning of an issue can save you a lot of time, money and hassle

Document your conversations- it is sometimes difficult to predict the success of a claim which is solely based on verbal communications.

My frequently asked questions

Am I getting a good offer under my settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement offer is relative to the circumstances of each case. The more unfair or discriminatory the dismissal, the higher the level of compensation you should seek. Getting the right advice at the start of a matter means we can negotiate settlement agreement offers to reach a reasonable and amicable compromise.

What notice period am I entitled to receive or required to give?

An employee is intitled to a minimum of one weeks’ notice for each year of employment up to a maximum of 12 weeks, or whatever notice is in the contract of employment, whichever is higher. An employee needs to give one weeks’ notice to terminate their employment unless stated otherwise in the contract.

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