Personal digital assets – what are the risks and opportunities for individuals?

8th December 2021

Your digital footprint can take many forms. Historically, this would be a work of art or a piece of music; now, we must think about things like betting accounts and the cloud. So, how do these assets become accessible after death, or when their owner loses capacity?

Digital assets can be crucial to your estate planning, not only because of their possibly sentimental content but their potential value as well. If you hold digital assets and are thinking about how to protect them when you die or if your relationship status changes, there are many points to consider. How your personal affairs are structured, how your estate should be administered on death, and how, if you need to, you can find a person’s digital assets, are all key questions.

In this session, David King of the Private Client team and Andrew Morris of the Family Law team discuss the key actions to take if you hold digital assets. Guest speaker Marlon Pinto presents how his company, AnotherDay, can help individuals to track down crypto assets.

Watch this session and you will learn about:

  • The role and significance of your executor/attorney
  • Digital assets and inheritance tax
  • Locating assets during divorce
  • Real-life examples of estate planning and digital assets

This webinar is part of our Cyber Conference series.

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