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20 January 2021

Cybercrime, regulation and data protection in New Money Review podcast

Dan Hyde, who specialises in regulatory law in our London office, recently took part in New Money Review’s ‘leading expert’ podcast series, focusing on cybercrime, global regulation and challenges to enforcement.

Dan is a pioneer in this field; a visiting Professor at Queen Mary University of London specialising in cyberlaw, he authored the first UK books on how English law should deal with cybersecurity and complex data protection issues. He later researched and published the first professional reference work on the international regulation of blockchain and the rules for cryptocurrency across jurisdictions.

The podcast can be heard here – he and New Money Review editor Paul Amery cover:

  • The different global approaches to regulating data and cybercrime
  • The US readiness to prosecute foreign cybercriminals
  • The evolution of policing and police procedures
  • Information silos and challenges to law enforcement
  • FinCEN files and the role of banks in money laundering.

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