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When a dispute is causing difficulties for your business, I’ll help you find a resolution quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Working with businesses throughout the region, I provide commercial advice that goes beyond the legal context, and ensure that any result complements your business goals.

Litigation work requires a fine eye for detail while being able to focus on the bigger picture, and I use this to my advantage when developing legal and commercial strategies for my clients. Day to day, I represent multi-national businesses, lenders and brokers, and private individuals in a wide range of issues from consumer credit matters to breaches of contract and constructive trusts.

Outside of work, I like to unwind by watching as much sport as I can, including football, cricket and Rugby Union.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Before you start the litigation process, consider how much of a personal impact it will have, rather than just the potential legal or monetary repercussions.

If you think it’s just about the principle, think again!

Make sure you fully understand your obligations to the court – if you’re unsure at any point, please ask me and I’ll explain anything you need.

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Will you act on a no-win, no-fee basis?

We usually don’t, but it may depend on the specifics of the case. That said, there’s no such thing as a "true" no-win no fee situation as you will usually be required to pay something in any event, such as disbursements or the other side's costs.

Do you represent criminals?

I don’t – I act on civil matters, working with private individuals, companies and financial institutions.

Will I definitely win my case?

Anything can happen in a courtroom, so I will never promise that the outcome will be completely in your favour. However, I will do everything I can to get the result you want.

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