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When it comes to rural affairs, you need someone who can speak your language. I understand the pressures and demands on the agricultural community, working with farmers, food companies, cattle dealers, waste businesses and many more to handle the regulations that affect them and keep them on track.

From Snowdonia to Pembrokeshire, and Lancashire to Devon, I travel the length and breadth of the country to see my clients in their homes and premises – often with wellies in hand! My passion for the countryside is lifelong, having grown up in a Welsh farming family, and I was inspired to develop my practice, in Welsh and in English, based on the strains and demands they faced.

I’ve handled numerous high profile cases, and I know how to react quickly, managing the legal issues as well as the battle for public opinion that often ensues. I make it my business to understand changes in regulation before they affect the industry, so I can help you to plan ahead, reduce the potential impact and make sure you’re well informed.

Outside of work, I enjoy cycling, and I go to see Llanelli Scarlets RFC at every opportunity, whether home or away.

Want to know more?

Front load the case – prepare early, and it’ll not only make everything much easier throughout, but it’ll help you to shape the perception of the case.

Don’t be afraid to talk to us. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, and we’ll do what we can to put your fears to rest.

Never doubt your expertise. This is your industry and you know it better than anyone, so speak up if you have an idea regarding your defence.

Many firms say they know about farming or food – surely that’s just PR spin?

That’s definitely not true when it comes to me – I live in the country, and was raised in an environment where all my family were farmers and producers. This gives me knowledge and empathy that others won’t have, and you can rest assured knowing that I know your world because it’s mine, too.

Are you willing to come and see me at the farm or business?

Absolutely – I really enjoy coming out to farms, and I consider that I need to see you on your patch to know what you’re all about. So, let’s sit down at the kitchen table and have a chat.

What’s the best outcome?

It depends on the case, but I’ll provide the best advice I can, and I’ll always work hard to get the right solution for you as quickly as possible.

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