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As an HR consultant, it’s my job to find the answers to complex issues in employment. With over 20 years’ experience of working with clients on both strategic and operational matters. My specialisms include disciplinary and grievance investigations, redundancy consultations, contract and policy reviews, and advice on the implementation of people policies.

I’ve worked with a range of organisations, including charities, care homes, veterinary practices, garages and housing groups.

Outside work, my passions include running, riding my road bike, Le Tour De France and playing the piano.

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Address employee situations at an early stage

Have good, solid employment contracts and policies in place and review these regularly

Train your line managers on policies and dealing with staff issues.

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Due to economic pressures, we need to reduce the number of our workforce. What are the first steps we need to take as an employer?
Redundancy is one of five potentially “fair” reasons for dismissal. However, if you are selecting employees for redundancy, then you must follow a fair selection procedure. This includes identifying an appropriate pool for selection and consulting with individuals in the pool prior to making any decisions.
Any selection for criteria must be objective and fair, and you must consider any possibilities for alternative employment before making any redundancies. If you are making 20 or more employees redundant over a period of 90 days or less, you have a duty to carry out collective consultation with employee representatives.

How can I ensure mental wellbeing in the workplace?
Your organisation should be equipped with the awareness and tools to address and prevent mental ill health caused, or worsened, by work. Have a clear policy on mental health and stress, and address the causes of stress.
Encourage people to raise concerns if they are stressed due to work-related issues. Training should be provided for managers in order for them to support employees, and there should be access to employee assistance programmes or training on stress management.

Can I terminate my employee’s employment without giving them notice?
You must usually give your employee notice of termination in order to lawfully terminate their contract of employment. When an employee has been continuously employed for one month or more, they are entitled to receive the statutory minimum notice period.

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