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Andrew Johnson

Solicitor, BRICS Team Corporate

About me

Exciting business plans often involve corporate transactions. As a member of the corporate team, it’s my job to guide my clients through their transactions and lead them towards successful outcomes.

I’m a proactive solicitor, providing useful and commercial advice in plain English, and always make time for my clients when they need me. I’ve worked for manufacturing companies, accountancy and financial advisory firms and a number of hospitality companies.

I provide my clients with a range of corporate advice including company law, business law and commercial law. Outside work, my passions include travelling – particularly city breaks – and watching Newcastle United.

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Always ask your solicitor to clarify something if you are unsure, no matter how trivial it may seem

Be open and frank with your solicitor. A due diligence exercise is not to purposely find things wrong with the business but to simply establish an accurate picture

Get us involved as early as possible to help move your transaction in the right direction.

Read questions I'm frequently asked

What is the due diligence process?
The process by which the buyer investigates a company’s legal and financial position prior to purchasing shares in the company or assets from it.

How long will the due diligence process take?
The answer depends on how big the company is and how engaged both parties are in the process. The earlier solicitors are instructed will determine how efficiently and smoothly the process runs.

How much will it cost?
Every transaction is unique and costs will be determined by the circumstances of your matter. However, we endeavour to give you a clear fee estimation at the beginning so you have a good idea of the costs involved.

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