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I’ve always had a particular liking for contract/company law and have known from my university time that corporate and commercial were ‘my’ areas of law. I’m always willing to go above and beyond for my clients, including working late and at weekends, and I research the client’s business and industry sector to understand what potential issues may arise in respect of their business.

I aim to be pragmatic and commercial, and I look at the bigger picture: I believe that you don’t always have to look at or use the law to resolve a problem. I am personable, approachable, and friendly with clients and the other side but remain assertive when it comes to protecting my clients’ interests.

My clients vary, from charities and trustees of private estates to business owners and institutional lenders. I provide a range of legal specialisms, including mergers and acquisitions, reorganisations and demergers of companies, banking, joint ventures and shareholders’ agreements.

Outside of work, I love the mountains – skiing and hiking are my favourite sports. As a French native, food is in my DNA, and I adore cooking and sharing food with loved ones.


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If you are planning to sell your business or your company, involve accountants and lawyers at an early stage. We can help get you and your business ready for it.

Don’t be afraid to tell us everything (even the bad things). The more we know about you, your business or your company, the better we can advise you (and also reassure you).

If you don’t understand a document or you are not clear of the effect of a contract clause, let us know and we’ll explain. There are no daft questions.

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What should we call you?

My name is not common and has confused many people (colleagues included). Please call me Anne-Sophie or Sophie – I like either. I’m just not an Anne.

What are statutory books?

Statutory books are a collection of registers and records which a company is required to maintain under company law. They record in essence the structure of the company: who are (or have been) the directors, the company secretaries and, most importantly, the members of the company and their shareholdings.

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