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There’s no better feeling than getting a deal over the line for clients. I enjoy working with dental practitioners buying and selling their practices, and throw myself into each transaction, guiding my clients through commercial and legal issues.

Communication is key to any transaction, so I ensure my clients are fully aware of the situation before moving forward – this helps to achieve the desired outcome.

I’ve worked with dental practice owners and dental corporate acquirers buying and selling private, mixed and NHS practices.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Get your business ready for sale as soon as possible

Start the CQC (Care Quality Commission) process as soon as you have agreed to buy a practice

Getting involved in the transaction early on will assist us in making sure everything goes to plan

My frequently asked questions

Do I have to sign documents in person?

Documents are often signed and scanned to us electronically, so this is not always the case.

Do I need to get proper contracts in place?

Getting contracts in place will be helpful – they protect you and ensure everything goes as you have agreed.

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