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Private Client law gives an opportunity to provide advice, guidance and understanding to people who are often going through extremely difficult periods or want to ensure their assets are protected for their families in the future.

I ensure that I’m always available for my clients to contact me, and help them resolve disputes with wills and estates where needed. I’ve worked with a range of individuals and companies, both in the UK and abroad.

My specialisms include chancery disputes relating to boundaries, probates, variation of trusts and administration of estates. I am the joint author of two books on chancery procedure and order, both of which became the official reference for the Chancery Division for those years. I also work to resolve company matters and dissolution of partnerships along with rectification and recission of deeds.

Outside work, my passions include Egyptology and opera; I’ve recently published a book on the 18th Dynasty of ancient Egypt.

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This depends on the facts provided; while every case is different, the more detail you can provide us with at the outset will help us determine the strength of your claim.

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Every case is different; however, we will provide you with an estimate from the outset and keep you informed of any changes along the way.

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