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Succession planning, wills and inheritance tax may be issues that people delay thinking about, but they are vital both for individuals and trustees. My clients present me with a wide array of problems and I enjoy being able to provide practical solutions for them, having taken the time to get to know them and really understand their objectives.

When clients hold assets in more than one country, business assets or agricultural assets, very careful thought needs to be given as to how to how they are dealt with in lifetime and on death.

Making a will safeguards your assets for the future and for your loved ones.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are extremely important for individuals in relation to their personal affairs and can also be important in a business context.

Tax can play a significant role in the administration of estates, particularly those involving business property, agricultural property, Lloyds and foreign assets. I often advise on international issues and questions of domicile.

As a Notary Public, I play a role in helping international transactions to move forward smoothly. This often compliments my work as a solicitor.

My clients range from those with foreign assets, business owners and landowners to those approaching retirement. A real mix.

Outside work, I love skiing, tennis, fresh air and exercise generally.

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Don’t assume taxes are charged as you would logically expect them to.

Take time to really think about what your objectives are.

Don’t put off making or updating your will.

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Can we improve the situation?

Yes – give me as much information as you can so that I can find the best solution for you.

Do I need to make a Lasting Power of Attorney now?

Yes – if you put it off you may not sort it in time.

Should I set up a trust?

We need to look at all the pros and cons and establish whether it is worthwhile for you.

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