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I’m genuinely interested in getting to know and understand my clients and their families. Practising private client law, I make sure that my clients’ estates are structured properly so that they are protected in their lifetimes, and passed on to their families efficiently and, where possible, in a way that minimises tax.

As a former corporate lawyer, I’m well-versed in supporting the owners of family-run businesses and entrepreneurs. But whoever I am advising, I take the time to build a relationship that helps me to understand individuals, family dynamics, aspirations, and assets.

When it comes to wills, succession planning, inheritance, capital tax, trusts, estates, or powers of attorney – I aim to be the first port of call when anything changes in the lives of my clients.

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Plan ahead. You’re never too young to write a Will.

Put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place.

Review everything regularly. Life changes very quickly.

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How can I save Inheritance Tax?

This is something you have control over. There are many legitimate ways to reduce Inheritance Tax and we can provide general and bespoke detailed advice on how to do so. The key is to start the process as soon as you can.

Should I set up a trust?

Trusts have many uses. Contrary to popular belief, saving tax is unlikely to be the primary purpose. It is far more likely that you will need a trust to protect your assets and we can guide you through how they may help with your estate planning.

As a business owner, what issues do I need to think about?

What happens if you lose capacity, who will make decisions about the business? Will you pay Inheritance Tax on the value of my business? Can you leave your business to your family? What happens to business partners? What if you sell your business before you die? I can help answer all these questions, and having previously practised as a corporate lawyer am uniquely placed to understand your business concerns as well as your family and personal concerns.

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