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I ensure that disputes get resolved as efficiently as possible so you can focus on the other aspects of your business or your life. In the fast-paced world of litigation, there’s always something to learn, and I enjoy the challenge of securing the best results possible for my clients.

My clients include multinational businesses, SMEs and individuals, and I’ve handled cases in a wide range of industries, including recruitment, procurement and motorsport. Where possible, I try and keep disputes out of court ­– and therefore keep the costs down for clients – using mediation and arbitration to get a fair outcome that works for their business. However, I also have experience of litigating in both the High Court and County Court.

Away from the office, I’m a keen runner and gym-goer, and I enjoy following a variety of motorsport.

Dispute Resolution

We engaged Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ dispute resolution team to deal with a family situation that had become protracted over some five years and was at stalemate. We were initially impressed with the manner in which both Steven and Ian were quickly able to appreciate and understand the key commercial and family dynamic issues and turn this into a transparent and effective strategy. Throughout the whole process, Steven and Ian presented a professional and firmly assertive approach which resulted in a settlement being achieved in an excellently negotiated manner. Whilst commercial resolution was indeed the reason for us seeking the assistance of HCR, we were both extremely impressed by the personal integrity of both Steven and Ian throughout; being both able to weave commercial resolution with the larger interpersonal dynamics and “bigger picture” view. Throughout, we were always kept up to date with regard to costs and found everyone within HCR to be extremely personable, efficient and effective. As a result of their work, we are now able to move on with our lives and this is wholly down to Steven, Ian, and their professional team within Harrison Clark Rickerbys. We would have no hesitation, and indeed it is a great pleasure, in recommending HCR to any prospective client, as they provide an increasingly rare commodity - effective litigation combined with integrity, transparency, competitive fees and excellent client communication.
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Put things in writing to avoid disputes about spoken agreements.

Know who you’re dealing with – check the financial status of parties you enter into a contract with, especially if you’re dealing with them for the first time.

When you identify a problem, act before the dispute escalates.

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How much do court proceedings cost?

Litigation can be an expensive process, but if you’re successful, you may be able to recover a proportion of your expenses from the unsuccessful party.

How long do court proceedings last?

Proceedings can last for anywhere between six months for a disputed small claims matter to upwards of two years for a complicated multi-track matter.

Are there alternatives to court proceedings?

It is possible to deal with most disputes without going to court, and we often encourage our clients to consider alternatives. The most common alternatives are mediation and arbitration, which are collectively referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution (or ADR).

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