Webinar: Ask the restrictive covenants experts

13th October 2020


In this episode of our Ask the Expert series, Rachel Roberts, Partner, Employment and Immigration, puts the questions you submitted about business protection measures, in particular about the drafting of post termination restrictions and confidentiality clauses, to Jenny Raymond and Ian Seymour. They also provide some practical steps that you and your business should be taking to minimise your losses.

Conversation topics include (timings are in brackets):

  • (01:16) Can a business really restrict a departing employee?
  • (02:22) What can employers do when a business information breach happens?
  • (05:26) Are there any extra steps employers should take to protect their business information?
  • (06:45) Given the prevalence of social media, what steps can a business take to protect themselves?
  • (08:39) Have you got any tips or any other practical steps that employers can take to limit the risk of employees breaching these restrictions or even stealing confidential information?

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